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Posted By : Jake Willis - 2/18/2014 7:39 PM
Our local solo and ensemble contest is allowing SmartMusic to be used instead of a live accompanist. The problem we're having is that I can't adjust tempo for specific sections for my students on the SmartMusic App. I have one HS Senior who would like to take a few more liberties with the rubato section of his solo, and a Middle School student who needs one section taken down in tempo about 6 beats a minute.

I was wondering if I could adjust the sensitivity in the iPad App? Can I customize an accompaniment on my new computer (month-old PC running Windows 8) then save or send it to the iPad?

Also, when we adjust tempo in the app, the entire piece is affected proportionally. For example, we could have a moderato section in the beginning and an allegro section follows it. If he adjusts the tempo down 6 beats a minute in the allegro, it makes the moderato section almost unbearably slow. IS there a way to adjust the tempos for individual sections in a piece?


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Posted By : Jim Jolley - 2/19/2014 10:49 AM
If you have finale 2012 you can write out the accompaniment as you wish,tempos and all. You would need to create your own name for the accompaniment and the student would need to be able to open it up under their account. May be more trouble than its worth but can be done.
At S&E make sure the computers the school is using have the practice room subscription or even this won't work.

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