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Posted By : Robert N. Calkins - 5/8/2015 12:02 PM
Does anybody have a Smart Music Accompaniment for Concerto for Bass Tuba and Orchestra by Ralph Vaughn Williams? My daughter is performing it on our band concert soon and, par for the course, no pianists are available. It's crunch time, so I would appreciate quick responses. Thank You!

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Posted By : Michel R. E. - 5/9/2015 4:49 AM
I'd hazard a guess that Vaughan-Williams is still firmly under copyright. Most likely the publisher has not granted a permission for a SmartMusic accompaniment.

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Posted By : Jim Williams - 5/10/2015 1:59 PM
...and orchestral parts are STILL on rental only. Sheesh!!

Suggestion to the OP: Buy the piano version if you haven't done so already, fire up Finale, and start entering...or pay a person to do it from a legal copy you own.

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Posted By : saxop - 5/12/2015 9:52 AM
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