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Posted By : Susan Songer - 6/18/2005 12:45 AM

I'm working on a Windows XP computer--not a true XP, it's an upgrade on top of Windows ME. I use Finale 2003. I have had a lot of trouble with pdf files. I can create them without a problem and they look good enough on the screen, but when they print out, sometimes the line over the 1 or 2 ending prints in half tones. This is inconsistent--I can't find a commonality among the files with the lines that don't print correctly. But also, in the bars for the final measures of the music, the thinner line to the left of the heavy line doesn't print correctly. This happens every time, but again only on hard copy, not on the screen. I use an Oki B6200 postscript printer.

I discovered that if I open a problematic music file in NotePad 2005 and create the pdf from NotePad, then all of the lines print properly. However, this is a pretty big pain, and once in awhile NotePad scrambles the original file. 

Here are my questions for the Forum: I am going to buy a new computer and want to be sure in advance that I can create pdf files from Finale that will print accurately. I don't know if the problems with the faulty lines were caused by not having a true XP computer. Has anyone here had good success with creating accurate pdf files in Windows? What OS will work the best for this? If I upgrade to Finale 2004 or 2005 will the problem resolve, even on the system I have now? Should I consider switching to a Mac?

Thanks very much for any advice you can give.

Sue Songer

Posted By : Zuill - 6/18/2005 1:20 AM
Forget Mac for starters. Now, do these PDF files print OK on other peoples computers? I have 2 diferent computers, one with XP and one with Win2000. I only use inkjet printers and create my PDF's with CutePDF. I've never had a problem printing from the PDF files, and I send them to clients regularly without any complaints. Since I embed everything into the file, it doesn't matter one way or another what kind of printer is used.

So, start with the test of your PDF's on other computers and printers. Then report back. I don't see that upgrading the computer will necessarily solve the problem. There are many factors in the chain. 2005 is a much better program, and 2006 should be on the way. That alone will give you a much better output.

OS, RAM, Computer speed, Finale version, PDF writing program, and printer all help determine the outcome of any project. I would start with PDF writing program and printer, then look to other causes.


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Posted By : Jeannie - 6/18/2005 10:01 AM
Make sure whatever you are using to create your PDF files is set to embed all fonts.


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