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Posted By : Rob Hunter - 11/8/2013 10:47 PM
Let me say right off that I don't use all the whiz-bang features of Finale. I create lead sheets, 17-piece big-band scores and not much else. I don't use Garritan sounds or care about keyless scores or Unicode support or many other "features" that have come up in the last few years.

That said, I've watched with interest some of the changes since Finale 2010. With F2011, the improved lyric entry and spacing struck me as a nice to have, although I can't say I really needed anything in F2012.

That's changed with F2014. The new file format (that's HUGE to me), improved accidentals and the beat-attached smartshapes all make this a potentially worthwhile upgrade. I'm ready to spend some dough.

But why did they screw up the tools palettes??? I spent a lot of time customizing my screen to maximize space. The icons on the screen are exactly the ones I need and I don't include anything I never use (e.g., double whole notes/rests).

I ran the demo and liked mostly everything except the tools palettes. This may be a deal breaker for me. As some have suggested here, I'll send a note to support, but I won't expect much. So bottom line: I may not upgrade until they bring back customizable palettes.

One other thing I'd like to add about F2014: When I run Patterson Beams, the beams change color. Is there anyway to change that? It kind of annoys me. (And why Patterson Beams aren't the default beams, I'll never know).

Much thanks for all the help you've given me in the past,
- Rob

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Posted By : Vaughan - 11/9/2013 12:42 AM
Running Patterson Beams causes them to change color? I've never seen that; sounds cool, although I can imagine it's being annoying. And which settings in Patterson Beams would you have be the default? There are so many possibilities and tastes. Patterson even gives settings for Ted Ross beams and Henle beams, both of which are quite different. I agree, though, that Finale's default beaming does leave something to be desired.


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Posted By : Jari Williamsson - 11/9/2013 4:56 AM
If you run Patterson Beams from a part in Finale 2014, the beams will change color, since the look of beams will unlink to the score.

Rob Hunter said...
(And why Patterson Beams aren't the default beams, I'll never know).

With which settings?

Jari Williamsson

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Posted By : Rob Hunter - 11/9/2013 8:29 AM
Yes, Jari, I ran Patterson Beams from parts (I almost always work on parts).

I use the default settings of Patterson Beams. What I was (albeit awkwardly) commenting on was that I think that Patterson Beams look so good, I don't know why they're not automatic. I mean, I run that plug-in every time I finish a part; to me, it should be part of the actual program (not separate).

Big-Band Bassist, Running Finale 2010b On Vista.

Posted By : Gareth Green - 11/9/2013 9:50 AM
Perhaps not everyone likes the Patterson beams as much as you do? Aesthetics is, after all largely a matter of personal taste.

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Posted By : Rob Hunter - 11/9/2013 11:26 AM
Oh! That didn't occur to me (seriously). Perhaps that's why, then.

Big-Band Bassist, Running Finale 2010b On Vista.