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Posted By : Dan Powers - 3/29/2002 5:59 AM
Also make sure you type "0169" while holding down the alt key. A common mistake is to type just "169".

Dan Powers

Posted By : zac100 - 3/29/2002 6:29 AM
Here's a stupid question...

It seems that you can use "copyright" as a
verb, like in "I'm going to copyright this
piece of music." What is the past tense?
Copyrighted? Sounds kind of funny to


Posted By : GT - 3/29/2002 7:24 AM
Funny though it sounds, that's the correct past tense: "Krupnik copyrighted his Two-bit Conniptions in 1997..."

Posted By : Dick Brodfuehrer - 3/29/2002 9:13 AM
Aw Gee Gary! I didn't know those were copyrighted. I suppose now I have to exclude them from my latest CD.

Taken aback

Posted By : GT - 3/30/2002 2:20 PM
Don't matter; he's dead now and his family had severed all ties to him anyway...