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Posted By : KigD - 3/29/2002 5:17 PM
Why doesn't Coda have more effects on articulations on playback.
Let's say that i want to make two notes slur, or legato. When i insert them in and play them back they sound the same. Some articulations work such as accents and stacato marks. Why doesn't the trill, drum slashes, double tounge notes, and all the rest not be played on playback?
I have Printmusic 2001 so if it does play on Finale 2001/2002 then nevermind.

Danny M

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Posted By : Dan Powers - 3/30/2002 4:28 AM
In Finale, a lot of these effect can be applied with a plug-in. I use TGtools for various enhanced playback effects. I don't think it's possible in Print Music, though.

Dan Powers