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Posted By : saxguy - 3/30/2002 7:26 PM
Using Chord Entry tool (type in score) and with slash marks laid out in a new lead sheet I find that I can't always input chords on layer 1. In other words I don't always get a flashing cursor when I click above a slash mark. Sometimes I have to go to my layer 4, and click there to input a chord.

The other strange thing is that sometimes when I type in a chord at the flashing cursor, I can see the chord I type but as soon as I press Enter, the chord disappears from the score. I can re-click the area and see that my initial typed chord is there (highlighted) but it won't display after I move on to the next chord.

Hope others have seen this issue


Posted By : Dick Brodfuehrer - 3/30/2002 11:56 PM

As to the first issue, are you sure you have a note or rest in layer 1 at the point you want to enter the chord?

For the disappearing chords problem, it sounds like you may have a blank notation staff style or something similar applied to some measures.


Posted By : Davidmorehead - 4/26/2002 7:23 AM
It sounds like you are new to Finale. I would highly suggest going through the video tutorials. They cover a lot of basics. (even some old timers might pick some new info up by watching them)

Make sure you are on the correct layer when you are trying to add articulations, score markings, etc.. Pay attention the color of the notes. If they are black, it's layer 1, Red...layer 2, Green...layer three, Blue... layer 4. (I think that is the right order of default colors)