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Posted By : OCTO. - 12/20/2016 5:45 PM
When I use staff style, every time I make a selection and hit delete, the staff style is deleted. How to prefent doing that, except going to the menu "Clear selected items"?

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Posted By : Harpsi - 12/20/2016 6:00 PM
How about this:

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Posted By : Motet - 12/21/2016 10:47 PM
I have a Finalescript macro to clear all but staff styles, since I use them for clarinet in A.

Menu item "Clear Selected Items"
Press "All"
Uncheck "Staff styles"
Uncheck "Tempo Marks, Tempo Alterations & Rehearsal Marks (Stack Selection Only)"
Press "OK"

Triggered by Ctrl-Alt-C.

It's also useful to have macro which sets the filter to copy all but staff styles.

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