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Posted By : Jon Delfin - 12/25/2016 4:07 PM
I've download and installed Finale to a new computer. Am I correctly remembering that I am condemned to spending a couple of hours setting up my various preferences and settings, rather than copying the finale.ini or some other file directly into the directory? Thanks.


Posted By : Ron. - 12/25/2016 4:12 PM
When I was doing a lot of that at one time I saved copies of the data and midi device annotation folders and copied them over. Saved an enormous amount of time. If it's the same version and nothing has changed relatively, I don't see why you couldn't copy over the two ini files.

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Posted By : Motet - 12/25/2016 4:15 PM
When I upgraded from XP to Windows 7 I copied the .ini files and all was fine. There are directories referenced in there, so you should make sure those exist on the new system.

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Posted By : Jon Delfin - 12/26/2016 9:23 PM
Fingers crossed, I'll try it in the morning. Not enough brain left tonight.

Posted By : Jon Delfin - 12/27/2016 12:49 PM
Like a hot knife through butter. A beautiful thing. (Except I had to redirect all of the folder options, since the new hardware has a different "name." A very small burden.) Thanks again.