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I came across this article on a business news site:

It has nothing to do with MM, music and music creation, nor with software development. Nope, it's all about the Top Five reasons why CEO's get dismissed. Curiously, the number two reason for ridding your operation of the CEO is failure to listen to customers. Permit me to lift the entire paragraph from the article:

Even with Sarbanes-Oxley**, many board members have close ties with, or are themselves, customers of the organization. And they overwhelmingly said that if a CEO ignores or alienates customers, it not only undermines the business and revenue, but it significantly undermines board support. Board members said their test for whether the CEO was sufficiently engaged in the business was the extent to which they evidenced intimate knowledge of customers, customer needs and developing trends.

(**Sarbanes-Oxley refers to a US law regarding disclosure of and conflict of interest. Plse google it if you need more)

So- how much does the current CEO of Peaksware know about us, I wonder??

Then there is reason Number Four (23%) "Denying Reality" Again, the relevant paragraph:

Board members overwhelming said they could handle bad news and significant course corrections. What they couldn’t handle was a CEO who was in denial and wouldn’t recognize the bad news. Many board members felt that they were closer to the market and customers than the ousted CEO, and a significant percentage said the CEO was far too insulated from frontline realities. Board members also said they would rather have bad news and a plan to fix it, than they would no news or sugarcoated news.

So, does anyone have the ear of a Board Member?

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