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Posted By : chateauferret - 10/20/2002 4:27 AM
This relates to Allegro 2002.

When I attach staccato or similar marks to notes when there is only one part on a staff, they appear in the correct place relative to the note, depending on stem direction. However, when a second part is present in another layer such that the upper part has stems up and the lower stems down, Allegro continues to place the articulation marks where it would if there were no second part, and the notes of the second part and the marks attached to the first collide.

The correct placement of the articulation marks in this case would be above the stem for the first part and below it for the second. I seem to have to drag the mark to the correct place and of course cannot get them perfect, being a mere human.

The question is this: Can I ensure that marks are correctly placed in this situation, and if not, is there one in Finale? (In the Finale demo there are a lot more options in the articulation dialog, but none seem to deal with this).

Posted By : Dan Powers - 10/20/2002 6:37 AM
Here's what I do in Finale. I don't know if it will work in Allegro.

In the articulation designer, click on the staccato dot, then select "duplicate". A new staccato dot will appear at the end of the articulation list. Click on the new dot, then select "edit". Now, where it says "position", change it to "stem side".

Now use the new staccato dot when you need it in such situations. I usually assign it to a metatool, which makes the whole process faster.

Dan Powers

Posted By : chateauferret - 10/20/2002 10:38 PM
Sadly the articulation designer seems to be an "advanced engraving feature" and therefore only available in Finale. Maybe I can apply to Santa for an upgrade...