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Posted By : RichardH - 1/22/2009 11:23 PM
I had to reinstall Leopard. I then installed Mac v. 2009, from v. 2007. I then ran the install disk for my MIDI interface. I then restarted the computer. Despite all this, the interface doesn't display in Audio-MIDI setup and I can't use Speedy Entry.It all used to work in 07.I've checked cables, ports, etc. What am I not doing or not thinking about?


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Posted By : zorg440 - 1/23/2009 12:07 AM
I think it would be important to know what interface you are using.

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Posted By : Dr. Wiggy - 1/23/2009 4:00 AM
RichardH said...
I had to reinstall Leopard.

What was happening that made you think that?

Can I confirm that the MIDI interface and keyboard doesn't show up in Apple's Audio MIDI Setup? (As opposed to Finale's.)
So this is a global problem, affecting all apps?

You installed the driver "from the install disk". Perhaps that is not the latest version, and is not compatible with Leopard. Have your checked their website for an update?

Are there any helpful, relevant messages in the Console logs? (Console is in Utilities folder).

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Posted By : RichardH - 1/23/2009 1:12 PM
Thanks for all inquiries!

1. The interface is Edirol UM-1EX. Made by Roland. One In/Out
2. The keyboard shows up in Audio/MIDI setup but not the interface. (But I put the keyboard there, as opposed to it being detected. Isn't that true? [Been so long...])
3. I had to reinstall Leopard because the hard drive ran out of space one day and in my frenzy to make space I accidentally trashed a couple of system files. Sleeplessness will do that... My MBP became non-booting. No amount of disk utility-software efforts (incl. buying Disk Warrior) would make it bootable. A couple of 2nd opinions supported it as the only option, so I reinstalled.
4. I checked the Roland website but my driver is latest. Remember: this WAS working under Leopard already.
5. The Console log says the install succeeded.

The only thing not done is to update to 10.5.6 (I'm at 10.5.4). I'll do that now.

Again, thanks.

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Posted By : RichardH - 1/23/2009 4:38 PM

The problem is resolved--thanks for the suggestions!

Using Find I manually deleted all occurrences of the driver, installer, etc. on my HD--download folder, system, etc.
Again downloaded the latest from Roland. These are things i had done before, or so I thought.
Restarted, launched the Audio/MIDI app and saw my driver at last.
Made the connections from keyboard to driver and ran the test.
Launched Finale and set the MIDI Setup.
Input and playback all is working!

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