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Posted By : J__ - 1/13/2010 11:37 PM
I have not used my PrintMusic 2009 application since the end of November.
Vacation what can we say :)

I started to work on a new chart (on my Powerbook OSX 10.4.n)
and when I type 1 note then 3 more appear.
I thought this was the track pad, so i plugged in the mouse, same thing happens.

In some cases I click a note and it just keeps on creating more notes until I
hit the escape key a few times.

anyone have any ideas what might be going on?
to me this seems really odd.

thanks for any help you can provide,

Posted By : Dr. Wiggy - 1/14/2010 6:24 AM
This does seem really odd.

There are two possibilities: either it's a hardware problem, e.g. stuck keyboard; or it's some software control.

I presume nothing odd happens in any other app?

Have you tried Speedy Entry, just to test?

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Posted By : J__ - 1/14/2010 8:27 AM
thanks for the response.
I see no other issues with any other applications. They keyboard and mouse
seem work fine in all other applications.

any value in doing a re-install of the app?
if yes, any ideas as to what the steps are to uninstall?
:) I actually tried this, but I removed the folder, but I think some settings are tucked away somewhere
and it wasn't completely wiped - because it came back with some settings (like most recent files list) still populated
with what I had from previous install.

i know there is a properties file somewhere and ??? so not sure what else needs to go to get
to a clean install.

again you think it is worth it?

thanks for any help you can provide.


Posted By : Dr. Wiggy - 1/14/2010 8:56 AM
There is rarely any point in uninstalling or reinstalling, unless you've deliberately deleted or altered the files in the app folder.

You could try deleting the file "Finale 2009 Preferences", which is in your user account's ~/Library/Preferences folder. You will need to reset any Program Options that you have set.

Finale 2009c, 2Ghz iMac; 2Ghz MacBook, 10.6.1
Edirol FA-66; M-Audio Oxygen 61; Yamaha PSR-410
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Posted By : Carla @ MakeMusic - 1/14/2010 4:44 PM
Make sure MicNotator isn't turned on - it could be picking up ambient noise from the built-in microphone and turning it into "notes" for you.

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Posted By : J__ - 1/17/2010 5:19 PM
thanks for the response Carla.

As a test I tried Finale Notepad - and it worked fine. So I figured it isn't my old Powerbook going faulty..

I looked at the micNotator suggestion and it turned out this was not the problem.
(embarrased) I didn't even know what it was :(
Actually, I believe I saw it when I first bought the app in May, and thought, "that probably won't be reliable and I just want to type in and click stuff" :)

anyway, I did try that - and I thank you for the suggestion. But that did not work..

but I did snoop around a little more and noticed that the behavior of the application - (extra notes appearing)
changes when I uncheck "Use MIDI device for Input" menu item.

shouldn't that be checked if you are hooking your computer up to a midi device?
right now , I am typing on the powerbook disconnected from MIDI piano, but the extra notes has stopped - so that's a good step.

thanks for your help,
(and everyone else who contributed)

we'll see if it still works when I hook up the piano ( i have my fingers crossed )


Posted By : Bill Stevens - 1/17/2010 5:34 PM

Do you have a different MIDI device you can try? How about different settings on your piano? Does it have reverb on it? If so, turn that off.


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