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Posted By : Dr. Wiggy - 5/25/2011 10:51 AM
After a recent discussion on the Finalescript forum, I created an OS X Automator Service which will batch print Finale files in any given folder -- from the Finder with one click.

I thought that it may be useful to someone. So here it is, attached.

1. Instructions for use
Once the Service is installed, it should appear in the OS's Services menu.
Select a Folder in the Finder.
Then go to Finder > Services > Finale batch print
or right-click > Services > Finale batch print

Any Finale files in the folder (or subfolders thereof) will be printed to the currently selected printer, in the background. Probably only works with Snow Leopard.

2. Installation
Download the file.
Add ".zip" to the filename.
Double click or open with your favourite unzipper app.
Drag the unzipped file "Finale batch print.workflow" to /Library/Services or <user>/Library/Services. The Services subfolder may need creating if it does not exist.

If your Services menu goes funny and just says "Building...", then type:
in the Terminal.

3. Homework
You can open the workflow in Automator and edit the Applescript -- to specify print settings or print queues, or even to combine with other OS X features. Using Spotlight's metadata, you could create a script that will only batch print trumpet parts, or pieces in D major.

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