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Posted By : apollon - 4/13/2002 8:21 AM

what is the trick to make appears back a handle which has vanished into score ? I need to delete a misplaced Repeat Tool's sign but despite my efforts I could not make its vanishing handle reappears. Thanks in advance.


Posted By : migman - 4/13/2002 9:29 AM
Try double-clicking on the item with the

Posted By : duser - 4/13/2002 9:30 AM
Normally you just select the Repeat Tool and then click in the measure containing the repeat to get the handle.

Doesn't work? Try ctrl+u and ctrl+d.

Still doesn't work? Try changing your view magnification. Finale has some unresolved issues with some thing getting weird at certain magnifications.

Still doesn't work? Select the selection tool (arrow icon) and double-click directly on the repeat sign. This should give you a highlighted handle, and enable you to delete the sign.

Still doesn't work? I give up :¬(

Posted By : apollon - 4/14/2002 2:59 AM
Thank you for the tips. In fact, I couldn't get this handle because the arrow was never displaying around the Segno mark, as usual. So I decided to find it out by clicking measure after measure Da Capo (Repeat Tool selected). By an unknown reason to myself, the handle in question was "drowsing" into a measure few staves above the measure where the Segno mark was placed. It's all fixed up now.