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Posted By : d-back fan! - 4/23/2002 7:24 AM
What I needed from my previous post is how to change actual measure #2 to being counted as measure #1. Creating the pickup measure is a bonus, but doesn't change my numbering layout - right? In Finale 2000 under Options/Document Setting/Music Options... I did find the pick up choice with and "0" next to it, but I'm not sure how that applies to changing the measure number layout. What am I missing?


Posted By : migman - 4/23/2002 8:16 AM
I'm not sure that 2000 worked this way,
but I'm thinking that it did.

1) With the measure tool selected, go to
Measure>Measure Numbers>Edit
Regions. If there isn't a region, create
one. If there is, edit it.

2) Make the region from measure 2
through 999 (or less, if you have multiple

3) Make the first number in the region
show as 1.

4) There's no step 4… (Jeff Goldblum
laughing hysterically in the background)
There's no step 4… There's no step 4…

Posted By : d-back fan! - 4/23/2002 11:17 AM
I have done exactly that countless times, but all it does it make my measure numbers at the beginning of each system larger, bolder, and in a different font - without changing the numbering layout at all. I know it sounds bizarre, but I am doing it correctly . . . something is wrong. Do things like this happen in Finale often??

Posted By : duser - 4/23/2002 11:22 AM
Measure numbers normally start at #1 for the first complete measure. Pickup measures are unnumbered. Finale takes that into account when you use Set Pickups. Is that what you want, or are you seeking something unconventional?

Posted By : migman - 4/23/2002 12:52 PM

Have you tried deleting the measure number
region that exists, and creating a new one to take
it's place?

Posted By : d-back fan! - 4/24/2002 1:49 PM
That was it!! I was trying to change the measure region without deleting the old one. By deleting the previous region and then starting the numbering with measure #2, I have my pickup measure as "0" and measure 2 as "1". It's always the little things...