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Posted By : akehl - 4/23/2002 4:36 PM
Hi. I am trying to send a finale file to
another person via email, but when it arrives
at his computer it shows as a .dat file, not
a finale file and he can't open it. Does
anyone know what is going on and how I can
fix the problem. I appreciate any help you
can give.

Posted By : Matthew Hindson - 4/23/2002 10:35 PM
Make sure that you either stuff or zip the file before sending it. Also, make sure that the file ends in .mus.

If he/she's trying to open it on a PC and it doesn't end in .mus, then you can rename the .dat file to make it end in .mus. You may be able to open it that way.

I've found that uncompressed Finale files sent to Hotmail accounts from Macs to PCs won't open properly, no matter what you do. It's obviously not Finale's fault.

Posted By : migman - 4/24/2002 3:19 AM
I get .dat files all the time. I'm a Mac guy, and know
just about nothing about PCs, but a friend of mine
who has been on the dark side for most of his life
tells me that a .dat file is something like an alias is
in the Mac world. I know what you're thinking, PCs
call them shortcuts, but however it is happening,
my source tells me that the sender is probably
selecting the shortcut instead of the file itself, and
the result is the receiver getting a .dat file (usually
a few k in size). If you're sending from a Mac
(which I assume you are, since this is the Mac
forum), then I don't know my "R"s from my hat,
but… just thought I'd give my 2¢.