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Posted By : jeffreycomas - 4/24/2002 4:21 PM

Whenever I use the Automatic Tablature plug-in for guitar or bass (have not tried others) the notes on the tab
come out an octave lower than they are on the staff. I thought, maybe I needed to use the "proper" clefs, with
joined 8's underneath, but that moved the tab notes down 2 octaves.

How can I fix this?

Jeffrey Comas

Posted By : GT - 4/24/2002 8:38 PM

Are the strings properly "tuned" in the Tablature? When I do TAB, I just play the notes so that they appear correctly on the treble staff—for example, I play the open 6th string as the E below middle C on the keyboard—and the TAB numbers end up where they should be.



Posted By : migman - 4/25/2002 3:44 AM
When people started writing guitar music
hundreds of years ago, they could have spared us
some confusion by adopting the grand staff, but
they didn't. So now we have a legacy of music
written on a treble clef one octave above where it
sounds. You will find some music written in the
treble-tenor clef (treble with 8 below), but it's not
necessary. It is understood that guitar is a
transposing instrument, and most guitarists who
read treble clef won't think concert pitch. Some
people who send me guitar music tell me they use
the treble-tenor clef because they want to hear
Finale playback in the right octave.