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Posted By : jagrell - 4/25/2002 4:27 AM
Hey Buzz,

Here's a surprise: I got a new G4
(933MHz, 512K RAM), or rather my credit
card company did, and I love it. I love OS
X too, but there are some problems,
probably the biggest of which is that I
can't print with Finale (only Finale so far;
no trouble printing with other apps). I am
using an HP 2100M, which has been
great, though it has only serial and
parallel ports. I tried the Stealth serial
port; didn't work. Then I went to a parallel
to USB cable, which works fine - for
everything but Finale. Even when I boot
up in 9.2.2, all I get is "Finale - Error
Occurred!" when I try to print. Any ideas?