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Posted By : mingus0 - 4/28/2002 12:58 PM
Using 2002 on an older file, I am seeing
occasional color changes. That is when
using the playback, the staves,notes,etc
turn from black to magenta and later back
Extremely annoying and unpredictable. If I
open the page in a new window, the
staves, notes, etc. in the new window is
black again but will eventually turn
magenta again and then back to black.

Anyone else see this happen with their
work before?

Posted By : Sebastian Huydts - 4/29/2002 6:31 PM

It seems the monitor is at fault. I have had
the exact same thing, but it wasn't
anything Finale was responsible for:
Eventually it started to happen in
word-processing as well, and a few
months later the monitor just died. I
bought a new monitor and the problem
was gone...