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Posted By : JoSePa - 5/4/2002 1:03 AM
I know that Quicktime 5 does not work
with internal playback so I have switched
back to Quicktime version 4.1.2 but the
problem that I have now is that if I want to
surf the net sometimes sites use the
newest Quicktime (5, that is). And of
course it is not installed anymore. Is it
possible to use both version sort of like
using two different systems and a
switcher program? Help!

Posted By : Peter Thomsen - 5/4/2002 10:28 AM
You could use the Extensions Manager to switch between QT 4 and QT 5. But you would have to restart the computer after each switch.

Another solution: Stick to QT 5. When you want to play back a Finale document, save the document as a MIDI file, and drag the MIDI file onto QuickTime Player.

QuickTime Player will play back the MIDI file exactly as Finale would. There is a drawback, however: Since QuickTime Player doesn't display measure numbers, you will have trouble getting playback from a measure different from measure 1.