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Posted By : Herese - 5/12/2002 6:23 AM
Hello, I am using Finale NotePad 2002. How can I change the key/time signature within the piece without changing it for the whole piece?

Posted By : Peter Thomsen - 5/12/2002 6:31 AM
You can't.


1. Write in "neutral key" (no sharps/flats; also known as the key of C Major), using accidentals.

2. Email the document to a friend who uses Finale, and let the friend set up the key signatures. Once the key signatures are set up, you can open and print the document from NotePad (and do some basic editing, like correcting wrong notes).


Posted By : Sebastian Huydts - 5/12/2002 3:46 PM
Or, of course, you can buy one of the
Coda family of products yourself. I, like so
many others, swear by the full version of
Finale. 2002 is great. However, if you do
not require all the features, Printmusic
and Allegro work very well too, and they
are more affordable. The website lists the
differences between each program.

Happy meter-switching!