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Posted By : zak - 5/16/2002 3:25 AM
I am trying to have Finale start a Korg D1600 playback when
hitting "play" on the Finale playback controls. Equipment
is: Mac G4, MOTU Midi Express interface, going into the Korg
digital studio. Supposedly, by enabling "send sync" on
Finale, a midi machine code message is sent to the D1600
that will start it playing or recording. So far, the d1600
indicates that it is receiving midi from the Finale file,
but does not respond. The d1600 will start and stop when
using the FreeMidi transport controls on the screen, but
will not respond to the playback controls on Finale. I
called Coda, and the tech had no idea how to do this at all.
I want to be able to sync a live track with the Finale midi

Posted By : migman - 5/16/2002 4:52 AM
It's been a while since I've done this kind of thing, so
the technology has probably changed, but I think you
need to have a few things for this to work. The
computer (program, probably via the interface)
needs to be able to send MIDI clock info (which is
just on/off and tempo), or smart MIDI (on/off,
tempo and measure number), and the feature has
to be turned on. The receiving device (your Korg)
has to be able to receive this info, and has to be set
to external clock (and because you can drive a
sequencer with different methods, you may have to
choose between SIMPTE, MIDI clock, or if it's really
old, that audio pulse code whose name I can't
remember, but it sounds like a modem if you hook it
up to an audio system). Some receiving devices will
start and stop whenever the sending device is
started, while with others, the receiving device
needs to be set to play mode (it will pause until
start is initiated from the sending device).

I hope this helps more than it confuses you.