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Posted By : musicharts - 5/17/2002 6:20 AM
When I open the chord definition dialog, it
seems to take forever.... I noticed that the
fretboard style seems to "flutter". For some
reason, there are 30-40 "seville" styles
showing. How do I get rid of the extras?
Is there a way to delete the fretboard styles
altogether, since I don't use them?

Posted By : migman - 5/17/2002 8:14 AM
Is this for a specific document that you got
somewhere, or is it any new document that you
make? If you click "Edit Styles," you can delete the
styles you don't want (and if you do that to your
Maestro Font Default document, new documents
won't have them), but I would look to see how
those 30-40 Seville styles got there in the first
place. Did you or someone click the duplicate
button a bunch of times, or maybe import the
same fretboard styles library a few times?