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Posted By : jasako - 5/27/2002 11:19 PM
anyone having any luck in keeping Finale
2k2 going in Classic. I've tried this a
couple of times running classic in X.1.4
and each time I try 'most' things work, but
it's not consistant and it always falls over.
I even managed to crash the whole
machine once! (I'm told by a Unix-type
that this deserves at least a special t-

Come on Coda! Give as at least a
Carbonised Finale soon please...

Posted By : rsigler - 5/28/2002 4:27 AM
I feel your pain. Once Finale for X is
released, I will not have any reason to
boot into OS9 again.

We have seen every major app cross over
to OSX...I'm not sure what is taking so

Maybe we will see OS XI first!

Good luck Coda! (Please hurry!)

Posted By : jbmelby - 5/28/2002 5:07 AM
I've been using Finale 2002b, Finale
2001d and Finale 98d in Classic under
OS X (currently OS 10.1.4) with no
problems at all. Initially I had the well-
documented problem of jerky MIDI
playback with QuickTime Musical
Instruments, but reverting to QuickTime
4.1.2 in my Classic installation fixed that.

Damned if I know why I'm not having
difficulties and almost everyone else is;
just lucky, I guess.