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Posted By : traugh - 6/6/2002 9:16 AM
Well here it is again. Has anyone yet
found a solution for my problem. Finale
files when played back (I have upgraded
to 2002b with no improvement). All files of
my marching band scores have stuck
notes when played back . This only
happens with files produced by Finale.
Playback files, midi files or notation
played from page.

The following was posted one year ago.

My FreeMidi version is 1.45. Both
sequences made by Finale of this
particular file (a marching band score
with 15 parts) and the Finale playback
itself has stuck notes. These stuck notes
happen whether I am playing back on My
roland JV1010 or my Korg X5 synth. I have
allocated more memory to Finale (on a
Mac ibook with 129MB) and the problem
persists. When I make a playback file and
play from that it still happens. I did notice
that the stuck notes usually happen after
the louder section of music. Any ideas?

Posted By : M Copyist - 6/6/2002 10:20 AM
Well if your willing to wait another year it
might get fixed...:) - But hey unless you
send Coda a thousand emails - (I
recommend 10 a day - that's just over
3mos)- They'll never know there's a
problem :)
In the meantime don't play all the staves
at once - maybe 5 at a time - find out what
the limit is for the files you're trying to play
by adding 1 staff at a time

Posted By : Jim Coull - 6/6/2002 6:02 PM

I have been playing marching band scores (12 wind instrument staves, 4 mallet percussion staves, timpani, 2 auxiliary percussion staves and complete field percussion) with Finale for years with no problems. I use a full range of dynamics and have used a variety expressions/articulations for playback (crescendi, ritard, 2nd time only, etc.). Perhaps there is an invisible expression or some similar problem that is causing the stuck notes. Why don't you post an example of a problem file and let us take a look at it?

Jim Coull

Posted By : kignature - 6/7/2002 2:46 AM
Does this happen on all of your files? Does it stick in the same place each time you play the file? I've played back countless scores with no sticky notes.