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Posted By : rroennes - 6/13/2002 10:22 PM
Hello Finale users!

I have used FINALE for several years -but
I still can´´t find out:

If I have a oboe part and a flute part- and
would like to copy the oboe part over to
2nd layer in the flute part without losing
the 1st layer flute part.

Who do I do that -
Or where in the manual can I find info
about this?


Robert Roennes

Posted By : Jesper Hendze - 6/13/2002 10:41 PM

1. Select the oboe staff with the Mass Mover.
2. Mass Edit: Move Layers> Move content of Layer 1 to Layer 2.
3. Select layer 2 in the bottom left of the window.
4. View menu: Select "Show Active Layer Only."
5. Copy the oboe part to the flute staff.

Any Mass Mover operation performed with "Show Active Layer Only" selected will only affect the currently selected layer!


Posted By : maestro_fkg - 6/14/2002 11:33 AM
I've been able to cut and paste over multiple layers without having to turn on Show Active Layer Only. Make sure you actually cut and paste, though, not select and drag the measures on top of the new measures.


Posted By : Patrick Zimmerli - 6/15/2002 1:17 PM
Hi, I've been using this method myself but I
notice that in the combined lines seconds
don't get spaced properly. Finale just puts
the two notes right on top of each other. I
have to go into the special tool palette and
redo each chord with a second in it by hand,
and then if there are accidentals I have to
re space those by hand too. Is there a better
way to do this? I've tried checking the
"avoid collisions of seconds" button in the
music notation options dialog, but it didn't
seem to help. (By the way I get the same
result if I use the implode music function.)

Thanks, Patr