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Posted By : migman - 6/18/2002 10:11 AM
I'd like some opinions please. I'm
cleaning up a piece in 3/4 that has 3 sets
of triplets in each measure, with right
hand (guitar) fingerings on the first
measure, but no triplet "3" over the figure.
I'd like to add a "3" to the groups on the
first measure and place simile over the
second (for both the triplets and the
fingerings), but I'm wondering what is the
best placement. In the attached graphic,
I'm leaning toward the last example, but I
look forward to any comments out there.
Thanks in advance.

Posted By : Jim Roberts - 6/18/2002 12:44 PM
You can omit both the RH fingerings and the "3" for the tuplets after the first beat. It's self-evident; no reasonably competent guitarist would ever master beat one and wonder what to do on the subsequent beats if the fingerings / tuplets weren't there.

As a guitarist myself I favor LESS fingerings, not more (and PLEASE don't get me started with TAB, thank you very much!). I point to Eliot Fisk's editions as exapmles of how NOT to engrave guitar music.

Can of worms officially opened...
-Jim Roberts
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Posted By : Jim Roberts - 6/18/2002 12:54 PM
Ooops, sorry about the rant there. After reading your question more thoroughly: if you must have fingerings (debatable), I'd vote for beats 1, 3 or 5. You don't need a bracket for a complete tuplet.

Of the three finalists, I'd pick beat 3; One could white-out the fingerings and still have decent looking engraving.

Still don't like fingerings, though...

-Jim Roberts
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Posted By : Éric Dussault - 6/18/2002 2:03 PM
I'd vote for number 3. There should be
no brackets on beamed eight-notes. I
would probably align the fingerings
horizontaly and put them in italic. I would
also aligh the thumb fingering with the
note under the stem.

Posted By : migman - 6/19/2002 4:41 AM
Thanks for the opinions so far. I should
point out that this is a beginning book,
and I've posted an example of what the
author sent me. Because it is for
beginners, I thought that a 3 would clear
up any confusion about why there are
nine eighth-notes in a measure that
should only have six. This wouldn't
confuse professionals, and probably not
most beginners, but teaching is the
purpose of the book. I wouldn't have 3s
and fingerings for the whole piece unless
it was strictly for analysis, and my
particular style is to treat the first measure
(with simile on the second to indicate the
rest of the piece), but treating the first beat
only is good too.

Posted By : rpearl - 6/20/2002 10:23 AM
Beat three, definitely: the fingering should
never overide the clarity of the musical
notation. And no bracket.
While it is helpful for beginners to see a
lot of fingering ( I know, debatable...), you
could, perhaps compromise by giving the
tuplet number throughout, the right hand
fingering for beats one and two, and then
place a simile for the rest of the passage.
Simple, elegant, and the beginner gets to
learn a new term!
Fingering is, indeed, a can of worms; but,
one's audience has to be a large part of
any decision, and if it is for beginners, I'd
err on the side of too much, not too little.

Ron Pearl