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Posted By : droden - 7/24/2002 9:07 AM
I've got 2003 working in OS X minus MIDI
functionality, which renders Finale
severely handicapped as far as my work
habits go.

After discussing the issue with CODA
tech it seems that OS X is pretty
incompatible with MIDI at this point.

I use OMS and a midisport 2X2. Am I
being misinformed or are we still waiting
for drivers that work?

I have no urge at all to switch to Sibelius,
I've seen how they imported some of my
Finale files, but curious if Sibelius has the
same MIDI challenges.

It seems to me that connecting MIDI to a
Mac shouldn't be this complicated.

Meanwhile I guess I'm stuck in 9.2.
Finale users like the vintage OS :)


Posted By : Spankypdx - 7/24/2002 12:53 PM
I got OSX drivers for my MidiSport 2x2 from the
Midiman website and they seem to work ok. I had
to install them in a particular order and I was
starting from a clean-installed OS9.2.2 system
folder on a separate partition - I installed the MIDI
drivers in OSX first, then rebooted to get OSX to
recognize the MIDI interface, then I installed the
OS9 Midisport drivers from Classic mode, then the
OMS software also in Classic mode, then I
rebooted into OS9.2.2 proper to custom-install
Finale without any of the AFM or Acrobat Reader
files. It seems to work fine except that Finale
2002b crashes frequently while running in Classic
so I'm still booting to 9.2.2 every time I need to get
any real work done. I'm willing to take a chance
on 2003 since the only problem people are
consistenly complaining about is the lack of MIDI
and I seem to have gotten that working.