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Posted By : Dr. Wiggy - 10/27/2016 2:31 AM
I recently had to review some old Finale documents, when it occurred to me that they were some of the first files I ever made, around 20 years ago! The school I worked at gave me a copy of MusicProse 2.1, which was a "lite" version, IIRC.
The first thing that struck me was ... well, the layout was pretty shocking. blush I've learnt a lot, both about Finale and about engraving music since then.

The second thing that struck me was how much has changed in Finale since then, which has massively improved productivity. I used Measure-attached Text boxes, where now I would use Expressions; Manipulating staves and systems is so much easier. To say nothing of Linked Parts, and the improvements to Lyrics, Chords, Layers, and so much I can barely remember it all.

Next: how many documents from 20 years ago (in a complex, proprietary format) can still be opened in the successor app today? Quark XPress 10 can't open documents from version 6 or earlier -- they must be "converted", which is not incident-free. InDesign CC won't open PageMaker files, and those Creative Suite versions that can import some PM files will do so less than totally. Word files? Significantly less complex, but IME you're lucky if you can get a document looking the same on any two computers, even on the same version. smilewinkgrin Most other apps of that era are now extinct. MM used to put in considerably time and effort to make sure that old files could be opened in each new version: hopefully with the .musx format and MusicXML, the integrity of our files into the future is more secure.

In short: yes, there's plenty more work to do, and our expectations are higher than they were 20 years ago, but let's count our blessings and not forget what we CAN accomplish with Finale. Who knows what the state of music software (and of music itself) will be in 2036! :arrgh:

I'm forever thankful that the world doesn't have to see my handwritten scores, and that I don't have to do actual engraving: /

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Posted By : Jared Haschek - 10/27/2016 4:50 AM
Hey Wiggy! I too have been using Finale for 20 years as of this year - it was 1996 when I was in university that my lecturer looked at a score I had produced in Logic and he said "you should be using Finale for things like that"... and so it began!

I remember it arriving in a huge box with a pile of floppy discs. I remember going to have a snack while it extracted parts on my old 486 DX. I reinstalled it so many times I have my serial number forever memorised. I used it to create invitations to my 21st birthday party (which of course, was written as a song). I arranged music for my wedding on it. And it's kept my family fed, clothed and housed ever since! :)

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Posted By : John Iafrate - 10/27/2016 7:57 AM
I just read these posts this morning and they are so refreshing. Thank you Wiggy for deflating the balloon of anxiety that has developed since the advent of the latest version (actually every version), and Jared for reminding us of just how influenced our lives are by music and how blessed we are to be in that position.

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Posted By : Shing-kwei - 10/27/2016 10:05 AM
Dear Wiggy, dear friends Time fly swiftly! I remember our Music Department purchased a Finale ( 3.0 Floppy), later then I purchased Finale 97 ( both Windows and Mac, that time Mac Chinese environment were bad, we used Mosaic, Nightingale, Cakewalk....... simultaneously), I introduced my students to use Finale, now they are much proficient than me.
Now I am retired and over 70 years old, I appreciate very much members of our family Forum are very friendly, every time I post a question ( commands have been changed or I forgot), can get answer quickly and perfectly. the changing of Finale were quite offend and substantially. e.g.
1. where is the Fonts Table? recently I am looking a quarter tone sharp or three-quakers tone sharp, in ( Finale 2011 or 97) my Tambour Character Sets and Engraver Extra Character Sets are :
Option + M or Option-shift + M but in my Finale 2014 D are squares only.
2.a copy of my students give me a score, which she made in Finale ( 2012? Windows) but the Chinese fonts are chaos in my Mac Finale ( 2011, 2014 both ref. Screenshot please), probably I lack some Chinese Fonts in my Font Book ( but I do have Chinese Kaiti, Songti, Lisong etc....).

Posted By : Shing-kwei - 10/27/2016 10:09 AM
Sorry forget attachment.


Posted By : Jetcopy - 10/27/2016 10:32 AM
What I remember about those early Finale versions was how long it to to extract a part. I was copying a symphonic work for the CSO and literally, I would have the computer extract one part each night while I slept. It took that long. I also remember printing an oversize score using the tiled pages option. Where each score page got printed out in horizontal sections on separate pieces of paper, trimming and taping these together then photocopying on a large copier. It was very labor intensive.

Some of the things we complain about now are miniscule compered to how long they took in the past. It's a wonderful tool to have.

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