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Posted By : DavePayn - 11/6/2016 5:20 PM
I have recently reinstalled Finale 2014.5 on my iMac (Mid 2010 - OS Sierra) after having had no sound for Garritan instruments. 'Play Finale Through Audio Units' is checked, ARIA Player is showing in Bank 1 in 'Audio Units Banks and Effects'. In Device Set Up/Audio Set Up, 'Built-in Output' is assigned and there is a sound when 'Test Audio Output' is selected, but when I try playing a score, it loads the sounds and then - nothing. (Computer sound is turned on, by the way...). But of course, select Play Finale Thru MIDI and the sound works - funny, that. VERY frustrating. Any offers of help gratefully received.


Posted By : Mike Rosen - 11/6/2016 5:37 PM
Did you install the Garritan sounds? IIRC, it's a separate download and install.

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Posted By : DavePayn - 11/6/2016 5:42 PM
Yes. I have them on my Mac

Posted By : DavePayn - 11/6/2016 6:12 PM
... but it was all part of the same download. Thee seems to be no separate download from the link in my account.

Posted By : DavePayn - 11/6/2016 6:13 PM
However, when I go to the ARIA player, all the banks are empty?

Posted By : jim dukey - 11/6/2016 9:07 PM
Try loading Aria manually, with the Score Manager.

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