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Posted By : OCTO. - 11/8/2016 1:21 AM
How can I enter this TS:


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Posted By : Ere - 11/8/2016 6:49 AM
Create the time signature as a shape expression (using appropriately-sized font characters).
Set Time Signature as 9/4 and hide it.
Make room for the time signature shape (Extra space at beginning of measure).
Place the time signature shape as an expression (use positioning Horizontal alignment = After clef/key/time/repeat).

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Posted By : Peter Thomsen - 11/8/2016 7:01 AM
I would create the “real” time signature as

4/2 + 1/4

This time signature will give an 8th note beaming of 4+4+4+4+2


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Posted By : Bill Stevens - 11/8/2016 7:03 AM
I have done this before just like Ere suggested. When I have done it I didn't use the plus sign; I just made the signature 4½ over 2. You need to be careful and check the positioning as the last thing before printing, because for me it tended to move around.


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Posted By : OCTO. - 11/8/2016 8:05 AM
Many thanks to all. I will investigate your ideas now.

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