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Posted By : Laine - 11/29/2016 9:45 PM
I don't know if anybody has posted something like this for a while. Save it as a script or script application using Applescript Editor (script Editor on some systems). Then when you want to search the Mac Forum here, run the script and enter search terms separated by spaces when prompted. It may not be perfect but it seems to work.

--begin script
--Search MakeMusic (Finale) Forum.scpt

display dialog "Enter search terms separated by spaces:" default answer "search terms separated by spaces go here..." buttons {"Cancel", "Go!"} default button 2
set this_URL to text returned of the result
set this_URL to replace_chars(this_URL, space, "+")
set this_URL to "" & this_URL
if this_URL is not "" then exit repeat
end repeat

ignoring application responses
open location this_URL
end ignoring

on replace_chars(this_text, bahad, goohood)
set Applescript's text item delimiters to the bahad
set the item_list to every text item of this_text
set Applescript's text item delimiters to the goohood as string
set this_text to the item_list as string
set Applescript's text item delimiters to ""
return this_text
end replace_chars
--end script

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Posted By : Mike Rosen - 11/29/2016 11:20 PM
Or you could just search Google, including <forum:makemusic> in the string...

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