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Posted By : PFINGERS - 12/3/2016 2:31 AM
Help! This is driving me crazy. I need to generate brass parts for Christmas and I want the individual part names (i.e. Tuba) to show up on the part when I extract them.

Surely there is a simple way to do this. Am I too thick to figure it out? Don't answer that question.

I am using Finale

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Posted By : michelp - 12/3/2016 8:58 AM
Use Text Inserts :
Text Tool, menu -> Inserts -> Part/Score name.
Place it on the score. It will display as "score" on the score (or whatever is written in File Info), but as the part name (instrument) in each part.
Edit Frame Attributes to define the pages where you want it, its position etc...

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Posted By : Vaughan - 12/3/2016 4:59 PM
And why extract them? You could save yourself a lot of trouble by leaving them as linked parts.


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