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Posted By : Writer of Music - 12/14/2016 9:19 AM
Wow, MakeMusic, you really outdid yourself this time.
In 2014.5 I could enter accented text in dialog boxes (such as staff and group name Edit Text dialogs), é, à, ç, etc. Now, in Finale 25.2 I no longer can do that. I can copy accented text into those dialogs and it will stick, but I can no longer write it with my keyboard.

Thank you ever so much for a huge leap backwards with an update. A "free update", sure, as you so eagerly advertise, but nonetheless. Will we get the lost functionality back with a paid upgrade? I wouldn't be surprised at all.

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Posted By : Vaughan - 12/14/2016 10:03 AM
I'll report this. The Rebeam to Time Signature isn't repaired, either, even though I mentioned this to a local friend/colleague who's a beta tester.


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Posted By : Dr. Wiggy - 12/14/2016 10:26 AM
Works for me on El Cap. I'll check Sierra shortly. I can use either old style meta keys, or the newer diacritic selection. Maybe it's a keyboard input map issue. What character map does your keyboard use? (e.g. French Canadian, UK, ...)

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Posted By : Charles Lawrence - 12/14/2016 10:28 AM
This may be another Win vs Mac issue, but I have no problem entering text with accent marks or diacriticals from the keyboard.  I use either the ALT+4 digit method, or the ALT+3 digit method, or PopChar, or copy/paste from the CharMap utility, or a Unicode entry utility.

Yet another way built into Finale, use "Text->Inserts->Symbols".

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Posted By : Vaughan - 12/14/2016 10:37 AM
This is most curious. When I checked the first time, using Alt gave me a letter without diacritics and holding down the key turned on the key repeat function. Now it works as expected. Sorry for the confusion but I have no idea why it acted strangely the first time around. I'll report back to MM. The other problem still exists, though!


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Posted By : Writer of Music - 12/14/2016 1:36 PM
Same here. Now it magically works as it should. Earlier today the suspended accent didn't even appear, so alt-e gave a simple 'e' instead of a 'é'. I had to import the proper characters from the Emoji and Symbols window.
Exhausting to work with an application and never be never sure of what will work or not at any given boot.

Used character map is British.

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Posted By : Mike Halloran - 12/14/2016 6:04 PM
After I updated to OS 10.12.2, my system went a little wonky including my trackpad. I performed a Safe Boot. Everything['s back to working great.

Besides resetting caches to default, a Safe Boot restores paths the way that rebuilding the desktop did in OS 6–9. If you have noticed alias icons not displaying correctly, this will normally fix that, too.

I assume that most know how but if it's been a log time...

Shut down.
Boot while holding the Shift key.
Login at the prompt with your Admin password. Wait till everything comes up including correct icons.
Shut down again.
Boot normally.

It's easy but time-consuming–feels like forever if booting from an HHD. Takes about 5 minutes on my 2010 iMac booting from a 2T 850 EVO SSD.

I try to do this once a year on my Macs but I rarely get to it that often. I have about 30 to update this month and will remember to do so after the experience on my machine.

Mike Halloran

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