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Posted By : nokiddingreally - 1/19/2004 11:44 PM
Just installed 2004 on my emac this afternoon. Opened a file, turned off "internal speaker playback" set up midi to play through my uno 1x1 interface. All seemed well. I am no expert, no power user.

Trouble. When I closed the file, I got this: "Ctree error 0 in CTVTEXT: 878" and, next "Finale is unable to set up its temporary files." What's this about?

At this point, Finale had crashed (I had intended only to close the file). I opened another file, and noted that the program had reverted to internal speaker playback. I fixed this again, closed the file, and got a similar pair of messages, this time ctree error 55 in CTUNDO. Again Finale 2004 crashed.

Well, this doesn't seem too good. On the positive side, I was able to edit and save a file. But why is Finale crashing this way? (I just tried it again, and it crashed a third time)

Posted By : ctj - 1/20/2004 12:20 AM
Disclaimer: I don't have this problem, and I've had this version of Finale for less than a day, so this is totally a guess:

In the Preferences: Program Options: Folders dialog box, I see there's a "Temporary Files" directory listing. This defaults to <hard drive>: private:tmp:<user id>:Temporary Items. Perhaps there's some kind of permissions error with that particular folder?

You might try using Disk Utility to fix permissions on your drive, then see if the problem persists.

Good luck.

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Posted By : Treble - 1/20/2004 2:01 AM
There is already suppose to be an update on this. Perhaps that is your answer.

Posted By : TechSupport - 1/20/2004 9:59 AM

Please write to for personal technical help. While this error has not been reported in-house or by our beta testers, perhaps there is something amiss with your permissions or temporary files are not set correctly.
Here are the steps to take to set Finale's Temporary files:
Quit Finale.
Double click on your Macintosh Hard Drive
Double click on the Applications folder.
Double click on the Finale folder.
Hold down the "Option" + "Command" keys and double click on the Finale icon to start the program.
You will get a window asking you to choose a folder for Finale's Temporary Files. (You can release the keys.)
Highlight a folder (you can even create a new one on your hard drive).
Click on "Choose".
To verify or repair disk permissions, open Disk Utility (Applications>>Utilities>>Disk Utility). Click the button to verify and repair disk permissions on the drive that Finale is installed on.


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