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Posted By : pkienle - 10/10/2004 9:31 PM
Annoying behaviour in the Lyrics Tool:
When working on multiple Verses/Choruses I often have to fine-tune the vertical positioning of each lyric line in page view. As if that weren't complicated enough using the Adjust Baselines dialog I now loose the box with the triangles after every redraw. (i.e. I adjust the first text line's vertical position, the page redraws but will not redraw the triangle box forcing me to again click that staff to make the triangle box reappear). It's actually quite time consuming and that extra click of the staff wasn't needed in pre 2004.


Posted By : Bill Stevens - 10/11/2004 10:20 AM
I wish there could be a really easy way to see and adjust all those settings at once. For instance, a grid with Verse Chorus Section across the top and numbers down the left, and maybe some arrows built in to nudge lines up and down. It would look a bit like this:

   Verse     Chorus

1   -0.5     -0.5
2   -0.7     -0.7
3   -0.9     -0.9

You get the picture.