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 10.7 Scroll Arrows Gone - help in scrolling one measure!
I'm frustrated by the lack of arrows as well. The only place it really shows up for me is time/key signatures. It's true, having to grab the marker and move it one increment at a time is a bit...
Finale - Macintosh - FORUM HAS MOVED!Christopher Putnam
7/27/2011 3:12 PM
 More on text boxes - can you make them have a "solid" fill?
Actually, there's a 'Custom Staff'option under Staff Attributes--you (davelang) almost got there, but after clicking through to where you could set the number of lines, you needed to click the other...
Finale - Macintosh - FORUM HAS MOVED!Christopher Putnam
4/11/2011 1:15 AM

Lyrics with hard spaces
At the beginning of verses, the way I've always started is with the verse number, then 3 hard spaces, then the first syllable, i.e. 1[sp][sp][sp]The and then on to syllables as usual. In 2008, a...

Finale - Macintosh - FORUM HAS MOVED!

Christopher Putnam
Yesterday 10:51 PM
 Extra notes/Speedy Entry
Thanks. I've dropped Jari W. a note to see if he'll be updating any time soon. His TimeSig plugin is exactly the right thing. I hadn't thought about the option to space notes evenly, which would make...
Plug-In Development - FORUM HAS MOVED!Christopher Putnam
3/8/2004 10:23 PM

Extra notes/Speedy Entry
I use Speedy Entry all the time, and a lot of my work is things like transcribing Gregorian chant into modern notation. Obviously, I have to Jump to Next Measure manaully, as each successive measure...

Plug-In Development - FORUM HAS MOVED!

Christopher Putnam
2/13/2004 5:14 PM