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Adding Smart Shapes
Is it possible to add smart shapes from within a plug-in? In particular: crescendos, decrescendos, and slurs. I imagine it would be similar to articulations, which I've figured out, but I don't see...

Plug-In Development - FORUM HAS MOVED!

8/29/2004 2:32 PM
 Note/Entry coordinates
For anyone interested, I have written code to determine what entries are in a given bounding box. I can make the code accessible if anyone's interested. -Dave
Plug-In Development - FORUM HAS MOVED!dml
8/29/2004 2:24 PM
 Note/Entry coordinates
Nevermind; I got it now. -Dave [/quote]
Plug-In Development - FORUM HAS MOVED!dml
7/21/2004 1:32 AM
 Note/Entry coordinates
Hi Michael, Thanks for the reply. I have since tried to use Entry Metrics but to no avail. FX_GetEntryMetrics and FX_GetTGFEntryMetrics seem to always fail (i.e. return NO) even when I am quite sure...
Plug-In Development - FORUM HAS MOVED!dml
7/20/2004 10:41 AM

Note/Entry coordinates
Is there a way with the PDK to determine the closest EXNOTE/EXENTRY to a given screen/document coordinate? Ideally, I'd like something like "EXENTRY* getClosest(int x, int y)", but any of the...

Plug-In Development - FORUM HAS MOVED!

7/5/2004 2:55 PM