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Profile Created :1/29/2000 2:20 PM
Last Seen :9/17/2016 8:02 AM
Total Posts : 903
Location : Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548-6503 USA
Occupation : Music Publishing, Engraving, Transcriptions, Arranging, Composing
Interests : guitar, bass, tantra, Mathematica, Decimal BASIC, True BASIC, syfy, nutrition, progressive rock, 19th century popular music
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 Up and down strokes for guitar play back
Up and down stroke articulation symbols can definitely be defined for effective playback. I suggest using -128/256 to 0, or 0 to 128/256 EDU as appropriate [for top to bottom, bottom to top notes]...
Finale - Windows - FORUM HAS MOVED!Benjamin Tubb
9/17/2016 7:58 AM
 Finale v25 is here!
I just installed the update, and considering that due to a software problem, reported to Tech Support with no solution, running the previous version (2014.5) that I had, required me to use just the...
Finale - Windows - FORUM HAS MOVED!Benjamin Tubb
8/19/2016 5:00 PM
 Error Window: Finale.exe unable to start (0xc000007b)
Motet, one of the utilities [RegUtilites] may have caused the problem, but another one which I've since bought/run, TotalSystemProtection, although finding many more errors, did not change the Error...
Finale - Windows - FORUM HAS MOVED!Benjamin Tubb
4/1/2016 11:35 AM

Error Window: Finale.exe unable to start (0xc000007b)
Has anyone seen this error and found a "fix" for it. Tech Support couldn't help me, nor so far, the Windows Community forums. As my PC does have some peculiar additional problems too, troubleshooting...

Finale - Windows - FORUM HAS MOVED!

Benjamin Tubb
3/31/2016 8:13 AM
 Engraving for publishers
John, thanks again for your constructive criticisms. We'll have to disagree on several issues: (1) I prefer measure numbers be attributed to any and all measures, regardless of whether they are...
Finale - Windows - FORUM HAS MOVED!Benjamin Tubb
10/22/2015 10:54 AM