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 Renaming Score Staves To a Standard Format
Thanks, Charles. I was able to find the Script file on my school computer. I had placed it there also. Basically similar to what Charles posted, it goes like these examples: search whole word...
FinaleScript - FORUM HAS MOVED!JimmyG
1/8/2015 8:46 PM

Renaming Score Staves To a Standard Format
I use FinaleScripts often. Sometime ago I copied a script that renamed the staves in my band scores to a more standard format, such as "1st Bb Clarinet" instead of "Clarinet in Bb 1." That script was...

FinaleScript - FORUM HAS MOVED!

1/7/2015 12:42 PM

Part Names in Linked Parts
I don't know why my part names don't always appear in the linked parts. Suppose I add a second percussion part after the score has been started. I give it the name Percussion 2, and add the...

Finale - Windows - FORUM HAS MOVED!

1/11/2012 1:10 PM

Stems Down Script Problem
I wanted a Stems Down script. I had hoped to use Alt-D for the command. The script runs fine, but the problem is that my command also opens up the MIDI drop down window. For now I changed the command...

FinaleScript - FORUM HAS MOVED!

10/5/2011 5:35 PM
 SmartShapes Tool produces only crescendo hairpins
dfwmd, Many thanks. I always say, if you want an answer to a question about a computer program, ask those who use it all the time. I had sent this same question to contact support. Then I remembered...
Finale - Windows - FORUM HAS MOVED!JimmyG
5/10/2010 12:31 PM