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 2014d huge slow down problem
For people having the slowdown problems on files with Lyrics: does turning off Smart Hyphens or Smart Word Extensions change the behavior in any significant way?
Finale - Macintosh - FORUM HAS MOVED!Erin Vork
12/12/2014 10:51 AM
 Announcing Finale 2014d!
I'm not in a hurry to "blame" a particular mouse for the problems, but I do want to try to find any other variables that we might not have accounted for. The first step to us being able to fix a...
Finale - Macintosh - FORUM HAS MOVED!Erin Vork
12/9/2014 1:32 PM
 Announcing Finale 2014d!
I would also be interested in the answers to saxop's questions, although the information about page layout being the most likely culprit is very helpful. I'd also love to know a bit more about the...
Finale - Macintosh - FORUM HAS MOVED!Erin Vork
12/8/2014 11:59 AM
 A message from MakeMusic's new CEO
Yeah, I can understand why you'd feel that way. It wasn't my intent to be ominous, but it can be the result of having limited information to share. Until the transition is finalized, there are going...
Finale - Windows - FORUM HAS MOVED!Erin Vork
Yesterday 10:49 AM
 Announcing Finale 2014d!
How large, on average, are the files that you work with? I'm interested both in length (number of measures) and number of instruments and staves. As Gear said in his letter, there's still more work...
Finale - Macintosh - FORUM HAS MOVED!Erin Vork
Yesterday 10:41 AM