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SmartMusic plus a SmartBoard equals double click not recognized
I use SmartMusic all the time in my ensemble classes as well as small group beginner lessons. I also have a SmartBoard in the room (yes, I know it is a different company) and until this year have not...


Chad Criswell
11/7/2014 12:17 PM
 EPUB export errors
Michael, I put in a support request on it a few days ago and submitted a copy of the error report from Apple when trying to submit (reference is incident #131029-000779). Unfortunately the response I...
Finale - Windows - FORUM HAS MOVED!Chad Criswell
10/31/2013 8:21 AM
 EPUB export errors
Have you tried opening the Finale epub's in Calibre and creating your ebook from that program? I haven't created a music ebook, but I've used Calibre (and Scrivner) for text ebooks which turned out...
Finale - Windows - FORUM HAS MOVED!Chad Criswell
10/30/2013 12:49 PM

EPUB export errors
I have a set of pieces I created in Finale solely because of the promise that it would export to epub format. I was excited that I might be able to export my music then sell it as an ebook in the...

Finale - Windows - FORUM HAS MOVED!

Chad Criswell
10/29/2013 9:48 PM
 Anyone using the Epub export in 2012? I need help...
Jet, I also have used Scriviner but am currently using Sigil as it seems to be the recommended epub editing tool from what I have seen on different forums. My problem is not that Finale is exporting...
Finale - Windows - FORUM HAS MOVED!Chad Criswell
10/18/2012 11:59 PM