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 Swing drums with accents
That's a great solution... thanks. Good looking chart.
Finale - Windows - FORUM HAS MOVED!Mark Stivers
5/29/2006 1:01 PM
 Swing drums with accents
In case anyone wants to try out the style, download the library file here: Staff Styles.LIB I would love suggestions.
Finale - Windows - FORUM HAS MOVED!Mark Stivers
5/28/2006 3:25 PM

Swing drums with accents
I have read many solutions to the problem of writing a drum part that shows slashes indicating playing time ad lib but also has notes above (often with x heads) indicating accents in the horn parts....

Finale - Windows - FORUM HAS MOVED!

Mark Stivers
5/28/2006 3:03 PM
 Page turn text expression
That works. In Broadway scores, TIME is usually used at the end of a piece, to indicate a dialogue scene (or other long break) before the next piece of music.
Finale - Windows - FORUM HAS MOVED!Mark Stivers
10/4/2005 4:02 PM
 Page turn text expression
This is interesting. I have always placed the rests after the page turn. My thinking is that if the rests are before the turn, you end up turning the page early and risk forgetting how many measures...
Finale - Windows - FORUM HAS MOVED!Mark Stivers
10/4/2005 10:23 AM