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Hi! I actually asked the Coda support, and they answered that they will give us a native Finale when the Finale 2003 arrives. I do really like the improvements in Finale 2002 with the IRCAM and TG...
Finale - Macintosh - FORUM HAS MOVED!
4/19/2002 4:06 AM
 Can't open help file...
I had this problem with 2001a, try updating to 2001d. And give Acrobat some more RAM. Regards dagfinn
Finale - Macintosh - FORUM HAS MOVED!
4/5/2002 8:10 PM
Hi Matthew and Martin, thanks for posting! I've now sorted out (Eureka)! OK, my setup is my iMac G4 connected to a MT4. Master Keyboard: Technics P30 (MIDI In 1/MIDI Out 1) Synthmodules: Roland...
Finale - Macintosh - FORUM HAS MOVED!
4/5/2002 4:12 AM

Hi! I´ve got the new iMac G4, connected to an Emagic MT4 MIDI interface through USB. I´ve got no problems playing back what I write with the Simple entry tool, but I´m not able to use the Speedy...

Finale - Macintosh - FORUM HAS MOVED!
3/30/2002 12:33 AM