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 Another great story about the new MM forum
If MM was based here in Scotland, I would suspect that their not very helpful response to the serial number request was because they were practising for Hogmanay and were already sampling the whisky,...
Finale - Macintosh - FORUM HAS MOVED!David Ward
12/27/2016 4:22 PM
 Grace notes
Me too. What a wonderful source of unexpected tips this forum has been over the years. Maybe we will be able to manage something similar between us at . I wonder where...
Finale - Macintosh - FORUM HAS MOVED!David Ward
12/27/2016 5:05 AM
 Grace notes
On a Mac with the ‘Option’ key. (FWIW on my UK keyboard the grave accent ` is next to the left shift key [which is shorter than on the US keyboard], but there are two keys with three characters in...
Finale - Macintosh - FORUM HAS MOVED!David Ward
12/27/2016 2:32 AM
 Where'd customer support go?
The voice of reason as aye from Dr Wiggy. With that agreed, the attitude to the forum remains disconcerting and to this user at least inexplicable....
Finale - Windows - FORUM HAS MOVED!David Ward
12/20/2016 5:20 PM
 Add exact interval
I'm not certain I've understood your question correctly, but might the transposition dialogue with ‘Preserve Original Notes’ selected do what you want?...
Finale - Macintosh - FORUM HAS MOVED!David Ward
12/17/2016 4:59 AM