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 I guess this is it...
And I had one more complaint, but will restrain :)
Finale - Macintosh - FORUM HAS MOVED!BvdPress
12/31/2016 2:31 PM

I guess this is it...
I just wanted to say thanks for any help anyone has provided me over the years as well as the banter. This was not just a good Forum, but a great one that provided an amazing amount of info and...

Finale - Macintosh - FORUM HAS MOVED!

12/31/2016 10:39 AM
 Why are some annoyances (still) not fixed?
If MM uses this method, with people going to different forums they should be celebrating not just good but amazing news!! Wiggy - I don't find them tedious, but rather reality that far too many do...
Finale - Macintosh - FORUM HAS MOVED!BvdPress
12/29/2016 6:11 PM
 Why are some annoyances (still) not fixed?
And really to me that is the biggest issue by far. You send files, you call, you send steps to recreate a bug and nothing happens far too often. It got old long ago. To tag on to Writer of Music,...
Finale - Macintosh - FORUM HAS MOVED!BvdPress
12/28/2016 6:21 PM
 Unexplained tempo change
A few solutions: 1. Export to XML and then re-import 2. Turn off Human Playback This is an issue with a LOT of files and MM knows about the issue as I have sent them file after file. I am not sure...
Finale - Windows - FORUM HAS MOVED!BvdPress
12/28/2016 11:13 AM