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 Please tell me what you think about Smart Music!
Juanita, I just purchased Smart Music this year, well I guess it was December, but close enough. I have known about Smart Music for a while now, but I finally got around to get it working and get my...
SmartMusic - FORUM HAS MOVED!Howie J
3/20/2005 2:51 PM
 Subscription Required?
Overall, the subscription price for and individual, $10.60 a month is easy. And I'm currently a student. If you plan on using Smart Music at all, or having students use's worth the money....
SmartMusic - FORUM HAS MOVED!Howie J
2/6/2005 3:28 PM
 Mystery rests
SL, I'm guessing that these rests are in another layer other than what the notes are. i.e. the notes are in layer 1, and the rests are in layer 2 or others. Have you tried hiding them?? Go to...
Finale - Macintosh - FORUM HAS MOVED!Howie J
2/5/2005 1:35 PM

Can I post this in showcase???
I created a Smart Music Accompaniment of Eugene Bozza's Badinage for Trumpet and Piano. I created the accomp. because it was previously unavailable in the Smart Music Library. I read through the...


Howie J
2/3/2005 11:08 PM